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Metta & Glyde Trance Blueprint Tutorials [Melody Construction] Volume One

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Metta & Glyde Present Trance Blueprint Video Tutorial Series Volume One. 

The Metta & Glyde Trance Blueprint Video Tutorial Series Volume One is a comprehensive course designed to help aspiring producers create high-quality trance tracks. The first course in this series is dedicated to Melody construction, and it offers a deep dive into the creative process behind Metta & Glyde's lead sounds, melodies, and mixing techniques.

In this course, you'll learn how to create Metta & Glyde's signature lead sounds from scratch using Reveal Sound Spire. The first video provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the synth to create these sounds, giving you the knowledge and skills to create your own unique lead sounds.

The second video focuses on writing trance melodies, with Metta & Glyde showing you three different techniques for achieving that energy and trance feeling and how to use different elements, such as chord progressions and arpeggios, to create the desired effect, and get the goosebump effect in your tracks.

Finally, in video three, Metta & Glyde delve into their mixing and processing techniques. Here, you'll learn how they use gain staging, EQ, saturation, compression, stereo imaging, and reverb to create their signature sound. By following along with the step-by-step tutorials, you'll gain a better understanding of how to use these techniques effectively in your own tracks, helping you to achieve professional results every time.


Metta & Glyde


140 BPM



Uplifting Trance


.MP4 (Video)

.MIDI Files

Reveal Sound Spire Presets (.spf)

Arts Acoustic Reverb Preset (.fxp)


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Included in the pack
  • 1 x Introduction Video [1.27] 
  • 1 x Trance Lead Sound Design Video [25.53] 
  • 1 x Writing Trance Melodies Video [31.08] 
  • 1 x Mixing & Processing Video [39.11] 
  • 1 x Metta & Glyde Arts Acoustic Lead Reverb Preset 
  • 2 x Metta & Glyde Lead Presets for Spire 
  • 3 x Metta & Glyde Lead MIDI Files





Metta & Glyde are a UK-based duo who are frontrunners within the modern wave of trance. Their signature sound, an ultra-modern take on energetic classic trance, is rocking the planet, making them one of the most sought-after acts on the global scene. Hailed by Sean Tyas as "The modern-day Alphazone", their no-nonsense, emotional yet high-energy style captures the imagination and translates perfectly to the trance floor. Topping the Beatport trance chart has already been achieved three times through tracks 'Renaissance' and 'Storm' on FSOE and FSOE Fables, and also with their remix of ‘The Oasis’ by Talla 2XLC on That’s Trance. A collaboration with their mentor Sean Tyas 'The Unfamiliar' on Surgikal plus many more successful releases keeps this production juggernaut rolling out tracks and remixes on labels such as FSOE, VII, Skullduggery, Regenerate, FSOE Fables, Nocturnal Knights, Find Your Harmony, Amsterdam Trance, and their own label, One Forty, to name a few.

The Beatport Top 10 is a regular hang out for this awesome twosome, collaborating with artists such as Sean Tyas and Ferry Tayle, plus remixing Talla 2XLC 'The World In My Eyes', David Gravell & Corti Organ 'Bliss', Sean Tyas & Darren Porter 'The Potion' has propelled the Metta & Glyde name worldwide. Regular features on multiple compilations and featured guest mixes and streams for heavyweights Aly & Fila, Andrew Rayel, Dreamstate, and Luminosity, have further helped build this exciting duo into a fan's favourite.

Metta & Glyde are a must-see act and their mission to give people those special dancefloor moments and long-lasting memories is well underway.

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Artist Testimonials

Allen Watts [Armada, Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Three

"It's giving me so much inspiration flicking through the presets. They're my go to sound banks at the moment. Superb leads, Acids, and mids."

Paul Denton [FSOE, Who's Afraid Of 138?!] 

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

"This soundset has only the highest quality sounds from ripping basslines to soaring leads everything you need for your latest trance production. 10/10."

XiJaro & Pitch [FSOE, Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

"Signature Spire Volume Two is every bit as good as the first and full of instantly usable sounds for uplifting trance, and I'm sure for many other genres as well."

Sean Tyas [Regenerate, Surgikal]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume One

"I stopped using preset packs for Spire, Sylenth1, and Serum a while ago BUT I do have to say they are certainly tempting me. F**king enablers!"

Mark Sherry [Outburst Records]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

"I fired this new soundset today and all I can say is WOW! It instantly inspired me enough to write 4 great melodies on the spot. Get on this now!"

Asteroid [Nocturnal Knights, FSOE]

Metta & Glyde Tonal Trance Loops Volume One

"It really makes creating interesting atmospherics and sequences so much more enjoyable. Level up your sound palette now!”

Yoshi & Razner [FSOE, Nocturnal Knights] 

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume One

"Probably the best bank of Spire that we have had. Sounds are practically perfect, they have presence, strength, and attack. 100% recommended!"

Harshil Kamdar [Armada, Subculture,]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Three

"Another great Spire bank by Metta & Glyde. I absolutely love the drives, gate FX, stabs. These sounds can't be found anywhere else in my opinion."

Alex Di Stefano [VII, Skullduggery] 

Metta & Glyde Tonal Trance Loops Volume One

"You can't go wrong with MAG’s sample packs - absolute quality (as always) the new 'Tonal Trance Loops Volume One' does not disappoint expectations!"

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