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Paul Denton [FSOE, Who's Afraid Of 138?!] 

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

A must have for any trance producer. This soundset has only the highest quality sounds from ripping basslines to soaring leads everything you need for your latest trance production. 10/10.

Asteroid [Afterdark, FSOE]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

Whether you’re looking to add more groove to your mid range with the awesome sequences and acids, or you’re looking for the right lead for your next anthem, this bank has it all. It is quickly becoming one of my favourite Spire banks already!.

Shugz [Afterdark, Outburst Records]

Metta & Glyde Tonal Trance Loops Volume One

The tonal loops are exactly what you are looking for in out of the box ready sounds of high quality. Many varieties of sounds, key labelled with bpm’s to match. Rare to fins such high quality samples in Trance these days. Love them.

Artena [One Forty, Molekular Sounds]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Three

As a someone who sound designs myself I know the amount of effort and dedication it takes to put together such a complete pack as this. Each of these sounds is crafted in a way that means you can drop them straight into your productions. This pack is inspiration in a bottle and one i find myself going to again and again!

Dan Stone [FSOE, Argento]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume One

Great pack from a duo that knows how’s it’s done! Definitely the most complete pack out there for the more energetic side of trance, especially love the leads and drive sections, awesome work guys!

Yoshi & Razner [FSOE, Nocturnal Knights] 

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume One

Probably the best bank of Spire that we have had. Sounds are practically perfect, they have presence, strength, and attack. 100% recommended, really affordable, and can save producers a lot of time! Metta & Glyde Spire bank is highly practical and maybe indispensable!.

Allen Watts [Armada, Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Three

Already used the other 2 a lot in my productions, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on volume 3. It's giving me so much inspiration flicking through the presets. They're my go to sound banks at the moment. Superb leads, Acids, and mids. Highly Recommended!.

XiJaro & Pitch [FSOE, Who's Afraid Of 138?!] 

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

Signature Spire Volume Two is every bit as good as the first and full of instantly usable sounds for uplifting trance, and I'm sure for many other genres as well.

Shugz [Afterdark, Outburst Records]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

Unique, top quality designed sounds ready to go in your productions or to be dissected for learning benefits too. Serious producers selling a serious product in both of these. Get involved folks, highly recommended.

Mark Sherry [Outburst Records]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

I fired this new soundset today and all I can say is WOW! It instantly inspired me enough to write 4 great melodies on the spot. This pack really has everything you could ever need for tech-trance, uplifting, prog and even some hard techno sounds in there as well. Get on this now!.

Alex Di Stefano [VII, Skullduggery] 

Metta & Glyde Tonal Trance Loops Volume One

You can't go wrong with MAG’s sample packs - absolute quality (as always) the new 'Tonal Trance Loops Volume One' does not disappoint expectations! I highly recommend everyone to take a look at their entire collection!.

Sean Tyas [Regenerate, Surgikal]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume One

I stopped using preset packs for Spire, Sylenth1, and Serum a while ago BUT I do have to say they are certainly tempting me. F**king enablers! No, but jokes aside, Rockin bank here. You’re going to love the mid basses (the DRIVE section).

Harshil Kamdar [Armada, Subculture]

MAG Crystal Clear Plug-in

Crystal Clear is an absolute workflow booster of a plugin, which saves so much of my time mixing. I fully recommend it as it helped me get my releases on labels such as Armada, Subculture, Nocturnal Knights, GO Music, FSOE, and Nocturnal Knights.

Allen Watts [Armada, Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume One

I am positively surprised, there are a lot of nice bread & butter sounds and additionally many fresh sounds to bring my productions on top.
Can't recommend this enough Acids and Sequences are SICK!

Alex Di Stefano [VII, Skullduggery] 

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume One

I cannot deny that Metta & Glyde are one of my favorite producers out there, their euphoric melodies always give me goosebump, so there is always a place for them in my sets! Metta & Glyde are not new to bringing out quality sample packs and this soundset for 'Reveal Sound Spire' is proof of this! A must have for any producer!

Magnus [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume One

When I heard Sean Tyas say you're going to love the drive section of this Spire bank, that really got my attention. What I discovered is one the best sound banks for any virtual synth I have ever encountered. Hats off to Metta and Glyde for the awesome work on this one!




5.61 GB





New Arrivals | Available Now


Metta and Glyde Present Ableton Live Tech Trance Templates.

Introducing the Metta & Glyde Tech Trance Templates for Ableton Live – Cutting-edge tools for producers looking to explore the darker realms of trance. Created by renowned uplifting trance artists Metta & Glyde, these templates offer comprehensive frameworks for crafting pulsating, atmospheric tech trance tracks.

Featuring many meticulously designed channels, these templates cover all essential elements: from powerful kicks and percussion layers to deep sub and mid bass, immersive FX, vocal chops, soaring leads, and lush pads. The best part? they're built primarily using Ableton stock plugins, ensuring universal accessibility for Ableton users with minimal reliance on third-party tools.

Metta & Glyde Tech Trance Template [Ableton Live] Volume One
Metta & Glyde Tech Trance Template [Ableton Live] Volume Two

Available now for Mac and PC


The innovative audio enhancer that will take your music production to new heights. CRYSTAL CLEAR is designed to bring clarity and life to your music by reducing unwanted muddy frequencies.

View MAG Crystal Clear Plug-in
Magic in a box is a more fitting name for this plugin. Great addition to my toolbox for more control over the edgier sounds in my mix. Top work!

Darren Porter [FSOE, Reason II Rise]

I am always weary about any "dynamic eq" type plugins but it doesn't do the annoying "WE tell YOU how YOU should sound" sort of bulls**t you get with other ones. At the price you'd be crazy not to give this a go

Sean Tyas [Regenerate, Surgikal]

a fantastic tool for tracking, mixing, and mastering purpose! it gives shine and saturation to your tracks but not only, it can sculpt your kicks, give grit to your synths etc. Go and get it will be your everyday plugin!

Alex Di Stefano [VII, Skullduggery]

Just tested it on my bassline bus and the Crystal Knob, the magic! I love it, because when we use some mid bass layering the muddiness frequencies can destroy that frequency range of our track, so this plugin adds clarity to that section, also I tested it on my mastering chain! Love it!

Steve Dekay [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

Crystal Clear is an absolute workflow booster of a plugin, which saves so much of my time mixing. I fully recommend it

Harshil Kamdar [Armada, Subculture]

I've been using crystal clear for only a week, and instantly knew it would be a fundamental part of every track i make from now on

Steve Allen [Uplift, Amsterdam Trance]


Jason Davies

MAG Signature Sound

I can honestly say this is the best online store for trance music production hands down, from the sound packs to the sample packs there's little competition out there when it comes to the overall quality and ease of use, I might need a standing order set up for future.


Metta and Glyde Trance Atmosphere Volume One

The best atmosphere pack for trance I ever bought. Simply amazing for uplifting trance

Gabe Curiel

Metta and Glyde Trance Atmosphere Volume One

Really good quality sounds here. One of my favorite sample pack purchases. Highly recommend.

Rob Western

Metta & Glyde Renaissance Walkthrough

Have to say, such a great job on this guys! Absolutely love your track 'Renaissance' and was so interesting seeing how you put it all together. Also learned a lot of tips and tricks! Highly recommended 10/10.


MAG Crystal Clear Plug-in

This plugin is unbelievable! I was sceptical at first, but it really does what is says it does. Clears up muddy midrange frequencies like a dream. If you want a clearer mix, purchase it today and thank me later! 10/10.


Metta & Glyde Concepts Volume One

I always shunned the idea of midi packs. I eventually realized they can be useful as a learning tool. This pack is particularly good. I learned a great deal through this process and have a great reference to refer to when I'm feeling stuck or uninspired.

James Elton

Metta & Glyde Trance Kicks Volume One

Boom, opened this pack and loved the first kick I listened to, and needed to do a minimum about of processing with it to make it fit in my mix. I'm still new to this, but I doubt I'll use many other kicks outside this pack from now on. Outstanding!.


Metta & Glyde Construction Kits Volume Two

I love using these as kits as a roadmap for arrangements. I drop them into ableton, then use markers and a blank midi track to document the track structure. Then delete all the audio. Instant arrangement template for future use. Would love to see more of these!.

Jonas T

Metta & Glyde Trance Mid Bass MIDI Pack Volume One

I never thought of using these type of midi patterns for mid bass before. Really helpful and give my tracks a completely different feel. I highly recommend purchasing this pack to add something different to your mid bass.

Karl Bush

Alex Di Stefano Fire FX Volume One

I have purchased all of the Alex Di Stefano packs, and yet again this one does not disappoint! With such a wide variety of FX and all unique sounds, this really does stand out from the rest!! Great work as always Alex!! 10/10.


Metta & Glyde Trance Claps

Developing claps for trance is one my least favorite tasks - it takes time to get them right. This pack solves that problem. Well done MAG!.

Rikki Starrett

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Three

These are absolutely essential additions to any studio, and right away I know I'm going to rinse these sounds - because everyone else will, and I want to use them too. Absolutely brilliant.


Metta & Glyde Trance Kicks Volume One

Very satisfied, all the kicks are awesome and perfect for modern Uplifting Trance!.


Metta & Glyde Trance Melodies Volume Three

Another amazing pack of melodies here! All your midi packs have really helped me to understand what goes into writing memorable melodies, thank you!.

Rikki Starrett

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

Every single sound is crisp, tight, and hugley inspiring. I believe I am going to absolutely rinse this soundset.

Ricardo Guerra

MAG Crystal Clear Plug-in

I buy this and just WOWWWW very very good and simple to use for professional and amazing results. Highly recommended.


MAG Crystal Clear Plug-in

Wow! Does exactly what it says on the tin! Blown away at how good this thing is.

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