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Harshil Kamdar Trance Template [Ableton Live] Volume One

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Harshil Kamdar Presents Ableton Live Trance Template Volume One.

Take your trance productions to the next level with The Harshil Kamdar Ableton Live Trance Template Volume One. This template includes a total of 87 tracks, including kick, sub bass, mid bass, leads, pads, strings, arps, acids, FX, and more.

With this template, you will learn the secrets of professional trance production, including processing techniques such as EQ, compression, and reverb. You'll learn how to create a cohesive mix that brings out the best in each element of your track.

Additionally, you'll learn how to write melodies and chord structures that capture the essence of trance music. Harshil Kamdar, a rising star in trance music, has created this template with the same techniques that he uses in his own productions.


Harshil Kamdar


138 BPM



Uplifting Trance


Ableton Live 11 Template


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3.26 GB (Uncompressed)

Compatible with 

Ableton Live 11 Suite


Harshil Kamdar - Ableton Live Trance Template
Harshil Kamdar - Ableton Live Trance Template - Piano & Pads
Harshil Kamdar - Ableton Live Trance Template - Leads
Harshil Kamdar - Ableton Live Trance Template - Mid Bass



  • Learn the structure and arrangement of a professional trance track.
  • Get a feel for the ideal levels and panning of different elements in a trance mix.
  • Discover the importance of EQ, compression, and reverb in creating a cohesive trance sound.
  • Learn how to create and mix different types of trance elements, such as pads, leads, and plucks.
  • Experiment with different effects such as delays and filters to add depth and interest to your tracks.
  • Understand the importance of using the right kick drum and bassline to create a strong groove in your track.
  • Learn how to automate different parameters to create interest and movement in your track.
  • Discover the importance of mastering and finalizing your track to make it sound polished and professional.
  • Understand how to use automation and effects to create build-ups and drops in your track.
  • Experiment with different sounds and techniques to create a unique and distinctive trance sound.



Harshil Kamdar is a 16-year-old producer born in India & based in New Jersey, USA. Having found a love of trance music from his father, who played him classics like Robert Miles' Children & Fable in his childhood, he began diving deeper into dance music and eventually started producing trance music. After sending some ideas to German trance legend Ronski Speed, they ended up collaborating on 3 tracks, which all landed up on top-tier labels. His debut track Bäng, released on Andy Moor's label AVA White, gathered support from many radio shows, namely Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance & Andrew Rayel's Find Your Harmony. This gave the then-15-year-old producer a huge jumpstart, and his next two releases were bigger than ever, both being played by Armin & Ruben on A State Of Trance.

The first track, Never Fade Away, was a vocal trance collaboration with producer Tim Lighterz & Ukrainian vocalist Alaera, which got signed on Digital Society. The second one, Venice, was a very special tune, as it was Harshil's first-ever solo track. It got picked up by John O'Callaghan's legendary label Subculture, which instantly put the producer's name on the ones to watch. Following this, Harshil started to seek out a way to fulfill his longtime goal, to get onto Armin van Buuren's label Armada Music. Armada, being the biggest dance record label in the world, wasn't an easy label to release on, and Harshil knew that. But, after help from his mentor Nicholas Gunn, who helped introduce him to the Armada team, and sending constant demos for more than a year, he finally had the chance to remix a classic trance tune from the 2000s: Chemical Love by K90. As soon as he sent in his first version of the remix, The A&Rs loved it. It soon saw a release on Armada Captivating, which led to support from DJs like Armin van Buuren, who played it twice on his A State Of Trance radio show, Andrew Rayel, who played it on his radio show 'Find Your Harmony', and many more...

After conquering his dream of releasing on Armada, Harshil's goal now lies in releasing consistently on the big labels, and with releases lined up almost every month for 2022 & 2023, he can't wait to show you his best releases to date.

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Artist Testimonials

Allen Watts [Armada, Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Three

"It's giving me so much inspiration flicking through the presets. They're my go to sound banks at the moment. Superb leads, Acids, and mids."

Paul Denton [FSOE, Who's Afraid Of 138?!] 

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

"This soundset has only the highest quality sounds from ripping basslines to soaring leads everything you need for your latest trance production. 10/10."

XiJaro & Pitch [FSOE, Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

"Signature Spire Volume Two is every bit as good as the first and full of instantly usable sounds for uplifting trance, and I'm sure for many other genres as well."

Sean Tyas [Regenerate, Surgikal]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume One

"I stopped using preset packs for Spire, Sylenth1, and Serum a while ago BUT I do have to say they are certainly tempting me. F**king enablers!"

Mark Sherry [Outburst Records]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Two

"I fired this new soundset today and all I can say is WOW! It instantly inspired me enough to write 4 great melodies on the spot. Get on this now!"

Asteroid [Nocturnal Knights, FSOE]

Metta & Glyde Tonal Trance Loops Volume One

"It really makes creating interesting atmospherics and sequences so much more enjoyable. Level up your sound palette now!”

Yoshi & Razner [FSOE, Nocturnal Knights] 

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume One

"Probably the best bank of Spire that we have had. Sounds are practically perfect, they have presence, strength, and attack. 100% recommended!"

Harshil Kamdar [Armada, Subculture,]

Metta & Glyde Signature Spire Volume Three

"Another great Spire bank by Metta & Glyde. I absolutely love the drives, gate FX, stabs. These sounds can't be found anywhere else in my opinion."

Alex Di Stefano [VII, Skullduggery] 

Metta & Glyde Tonal Trance Loops Volume One

"You can't go wrong with MAG’s sample packs - absolute quality (as always) the new 'Tonal Trance Loops Volume One' does not disappoint expectations!"

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